Thursday, March 13, 2014

Photo Dump Picture Post

This is a very quick post, a compilation of pictures from my memory card, this is not premeditated and so will probably be jerky and incoherent. Enjoy! 

I found out that my cluttered bedside table looks oddly artistic from above.

The girls going to the barn. Our cow, Mocha, is soon going to have her calf! We're all looking forward to having milk to drink again.

The below picture of a leaf is courtesy of my sister Emily Kate (Katie).

With spring coming, the weather is back and forth between lots of snow and patches of sunshine and rain.

 Zach and me. (Zach and I. Sorry for the grammar.)

Mandy, in the blue, got her beautiful dress for her birthday from our dear friend Barbie, this of course called for a photo shoot. =)



My handsome brother, Micah.

Joshua as a pirate.

Zach the Kid. ;)

Baby Iris.

Tim and Barbie (and Eli and Jadon) showed up unexpectedly one afternoon and invited me along to go to Blackwater falls to take pictures, unfortunately the trail was blocked off because it was too slick. We could still see the falls, but only from afar. But we still took pictures. Tim and Barbie are both photography-people like me. Barbie and I are kindred spirits. =) But, I'm still waiting for her to send me that picture of me with them, hint hint hint....

Thursday, February 6, 2014

There Were....



Snowy Roads

Brothers Picking Out Matchbox Cars

Peanut Butter Cookies with Chocolate Icing

Looney Tunes

Kitchen Creations

Memories (This is my parents wedding album.)

Warm Woodstoves


People Stacking Firewood

People Doing School

Books Read

Pictures Hung (This is where 90% of blogging/picture editing takes place, on my bed.)

Typewriters Begging To Be Photographed.

It was a good few months and I'm sorry you missed it. But now you're all caught up. =)

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Brand New Baby

This is part two of Auntie Beth's Baby Shower post and I now have a brand new baby cousin to take pictures of! She is cozy and snugly and has big dark eyes and is altogether the sweetest little baby that ever was. Her name is Iris.

I think this picture is beautiful because there is little Iris, crying, and both of her siblings are kissing her. It's exactly the way that the first few months with a baby go. Baby cries and does absolutely nothing but cry, sleep, eat, and poop but the entire household falls completely love. That's got to be the strongest evidence against evolution that there is.

Monday, February 3, 2014